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Some things you don’t notice can generate big results

Some things you don’t notice can generate big results

With modern tools and applications, it can be incredibly easy to create your own website. The problem arises, however, when you need to tailor that website to a certain audience. Tailoring a page to a certain audience means more people from that group are going to do what that website wants them to do. Selling products? Visitors should be buying them. Selling a service? Visitors should be choosing in it.

A newer service has been called in, to develop towards accomplishing website goals; it’s called conversion rate optimisation (CRO). CRO is essentially a series of processes in which a selected website is researched and optimised so as many people as possible will convert to supporting that website.

There is a huge range of possibilities when it comes to CRO, below are just three of them and the companies which instigated them.

Changes to colour – Performable.com

In one of the easiest changes imaginable, Performable.com changed the colour of a button from green to red. This simple change led to a 21% increase in conversion. Why? Because research found that green was more relaxed and “complacent” than red. Red meant passion. Red meant more impulsiveness. By changing the colour, they changed the audience’s attitude and made more sales.

Changes to structure – Waterfilters.net

One website found that by adding a Google site search bar, they managed to increase conversions by 11%. The reason for this was that visitors were able to more easily navigate the site, and wouldn’t give up when faced with being unable to find what they were looking for.

Changes to content – WikiJob.com

WikiJob had originally placed several quotes on their homepage regarding the quality of their service; testimonials. The problem was that visitors were not entirely sure as to whether they were testimonials. Confusion arose because there was no associated names or details, just the quotes themselves. WikiJob changed the structure of their page by moving the testimonials to the top, and then changed the content to ensure that visitors knew they were testimonials. This led to a 34% increase in conversion just by simply adjusting some text and its location.

CRO is steadily gaining ground as one of the most important features of website design and marketing prowess. It is undoubtedly important as the results above show. Simple changes can make big differences when it comes to a company’s goals, but you need to ensure you have the correct data to implement these changes.

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