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Social Media Trends You Need To Know About In 2017

Social Media Trends You Need To Know About In 2017

While social media can be a priceless tool for any business, regardless of its size, it’s also a tricky beast to handle due to its constantly shifting technology and dynamics. New trends and features appear on a constant basis, so keeping on top of what’s new in social media is essential to anyone interested in digital marketing. Be aware of these evolving trends if you want to succeed on social media in 2017.

1. Video content will continue to dominate.
2016 has been a huge year for video, with video-centred apps like Snapchat hitting over 10 billion daily views on its videos and other social media channels like Facebook enabling auto-play on all video content across their newsfeeds. The takeaway from 2016 is that video is growing, and will only continue to grow. Brands need to be incredibly sensitive to the effectiveness of video content and focus their attention on utilizing this tool, rather than shying away from the opportunities it presents.

2. Video goes live.
The video content we’ve seen from 2016 has moved from pre-recorded clips into something far more innovative and exciting. Though Twitter kicked things off with Periscope, Facebook is currently leading the way with its Facebook Live real-time video feature, and brands are quickly catching on that this could be a major moment for them to expand their reach. 2017 will see more authenticity from branded video content marketing, as well as some inevitable missteps.

3. The bots are coming.
AI technology has allowed social media channels to create automatic chat bots that enhance the experience of their users and fetch useful data that can be used to improve services and revenue. Brands are quickly picking up on this useful technology and we should see many more bots taking over customer service roles in 2017. This tool could be a major leap forward in both enhancing your business’s customer satisfaction levels and improving your data collection strategies.

4. Vanishing content.
When Snapchat first launched its unique expiring content app strategy, marketers were understandably frustrated by the trend. Thankfully, 2017 should see brands getting completely comfortable with this new and more urgent form of content marketing. Brands should take the opportunity to be inspired by the challenge of expiring content, and push themselves to develop campaigns that grab their audience’s attention before it’s too late.

5. The ongoing importance of social media influencers.
Influencers have become a major feature of the digital marketing world in the past year, with everyone from teenage YouTubers to reality TV stars getting paid to share messages for brands. You should expect to see this phenomenon continue to grow in 2017, with more brands creating innovative ways to reach new customers through rising influencers.

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